"I’m from the future."
Doc Brown is enraged that his
mind reader is fucked.

4 notes 


Doc doesn’t want him
To speak. He makes some real bad
and wrong predictions.

9 notes 


Doc answers the door.
Strange contraption on his head.
Mind reading device!

7 notes 


Marty needs to find
Doc Brown and figure out how
to get his ass home.

8 notes 


Quickly he stands up
and rushes out of the house.
“He’s an idiot.”

6 notes 


Lorraine goes for an
under-the-table handjob
Marty’s super freaked.

5 notes 


Two TVs? You must
be rich! Nobody has two.
Dinner gets awkward.

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It’s the episode
Where he’s a spaceman! What’s a
rerun? Oh, ya know.

3 notes 


The dad set up the
television so they can
watch Jackie Gleason.

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