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Put your pants back on!
Marty heads down in his vest.
Think he’s a sailor.

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She calls him Calvin.
Written on his underwear.
Calvin Klein tighties.

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It’s clearly getting
Oedipal. And fast. Lorraine
wants to hump Marty

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"You’re safe and sound now.
Good old 1955.”

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Marty wakes. Was it
All just a bad dream? His mom
is comforting him.

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Marty saves his dad
But, oh shit, the car hits him
Head thunks onto street.

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George shimmies up branch
Falls into the street. Oh no!
Car’s gonna hit him!

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Marty tracks down George.
Perv is hiding in a tree
peeping on nude girls.

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Oh shit, George is gone.
He’s on a bike. Marty runs.
Has Doc Brown’s address.

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Start by sweeping floor.
Mayor Goldie Wilson. I
Like the sound of that!

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